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g r a f f i t i d e c o r a t i o n s

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27 August
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[ aren't you tired of being weak ? ]

Welcome to graffitidecor, the art journal of rainy_luna. In this journal, there will be many pieces of her art posted. Such as art projects, pencil drawings, computer drawings, paintings, sketches, etc. Anything Luna deems as worthy of being viewed by others. Nothing other than Luna's art will be posted here. If you want to read about her real life, go to her real-life Livejournal--rainy_luna. If you would like to see her icons, go to luna_icons.

[Links. Icon journal. Art Journal. DeviantArt. ]

[ such rage that you could scream ]

o1. No stealing my art. You may use my art for icons, layouts, or whatever you like -- but ask me first, and give me the appropriate credit on the same page, or on whatever you are making from my art.

o2. Constructive Criticism only. That means that you can't just come along randomly and go, "Your art looks like shit!" Tell me what looks wrong about it. Why does it look bad? Tell me, so I can get better. You are, however, allowed to say something positive about it and not critique it. But if your going to say bad, tell me whats bad.

o3. I don't do requests. A lot of my art posted here are for school projects, or something I did for humor, or because I was bored. You can suggest ideas, like suggesting I drew a cat and coloured it in pencil crayons or with water colour -- just don't say, "I want to request you to draw me a cat with pencil crayon and water colour!" If I get a comment like that I will not reply.

o4. No Hotlinking. Don't even try it. It just means I have to go through the trouble of finding more hosts or going through photobucket deleting things. It's a pain.

[ all the stars right out of the sky ]

+ 0.7 Mechanical Led Pencils
+ 0.5 Mechanical Led Pencils
+ Kneadable erasers.
+ Spectracolour / Prismacolour Pencil crayons
+ Prismacolour Water paint
+ Acryllic paints
+ Shading Pencils
+ Adobe Photoshop 0.6
+ Wacom 4x5 Tablet

[ and destroy the prettiest starry night ]

Luna's Icon Journal: luna_icons
Luna's Real life Journal: rainy_luna



If you would like to be affiliated or linked, please contact me at any one of my journals.

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